Psychoanalysis As A Theory Of The Mind Workings, And A Method Of Psychotherapeutic Treatment

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Milton et al. (2011) described psychoanalysis as a theory that explores the human mind workings, and a method of psychotherapeutic treatment. Psychoanalysis was founded by the psychologist Sigmund Freud (Jarvin, 2011). The central feature of this theory is the belief that most of the thoughts and dreams are unconscious: the individual is unaware of its existence (Milton et al., 2011). The main aim of psychoanalysis as follows: to help individual’s suffering from psychological disorder, gain insight about the cause of disorder, work towards change, to utilise healthier methods of defence, to alleviate the symptoms and distress caused due to the disorders, and strengthen the ego to manage inner balance effectively (British Psychoanalytic Council, 2016; Cabaniss, Cherry, Douglas, and Schwartz, 2010).

Psychoanalysis is centred around the inner conflict between the three parts of the psyche: The Id representing the unconscious part of the mind that demands instant gratification; the superego which represents the unconscious moral conscience that prohibits the impulses using punishment like shame, guilt, and fear; and, finally, the ego representing both conscious and unconscious part of the mind whose role is to mediate the conflict between id, superego, and external world (Kahn, 2002). The ego is constantly attempting to keep a balance between granting id’s impulses with an awareness of external world danger, and trying to avoid the superego’s punishments (Kahn, 2002). The…

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