Essay about Psychiatric Rehabilitation Facility After Awakening

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“Coma” is a documentary about 4 different individuals who suffered comas and have been admitted to an intensive rehabilitation facility after awakening. The individuals in the facility were periodically evaluated by Dr. Joe Giacino, to determine if they were in a minimally conscious or vegetative state. Tom was a 32 year old who fell from a balcony. He had trouble with what they thought was understanding of language, but it turns out he had central and peripheral hearing loss as a result of the brain injury. He became frustrated easily due to his inability to speak, initially. However, once the doctors figured out it was not his ability to understand language that was impaired, just his hearing, they began writing things down and Tom was able to communicate better. Tom also had recently gotten engaged to a woman named Lynda at the time of his injury. Lynda was very optimistic about Tom reaching full recovery and continuing their life as they had planned before the coma occurred. Tom moved into an assisted living home after being discharged from the rehabilitation facility. Lynda and Tom eventually did get married Roxy was a 19 year old who was in a car accident. She regained the ability to speak rather quickly compared to the other patients in the documentary, but had behavioral issues when working in therapy. Her mother was very focused on getting Roxy functional enough to take home. At the time her mother decided to discharge Roxy from the facility, Roxy was unable to…

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