Psych Analysis of the Movie "Blow" Essay

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The movie Blow is the story of George Jung, the man who established the American cocaine market in the 1970s. The film starts with George as a child, showing what his childhood was like and what his relationship with his parents was like. As it progresses George grows up and moves to California. While there he become caught up in the marijuana scene and eventually starts selling it for money. George expands his market and eventually becomes very wealthy. But, George becomes too complacent and gets caught by the police and sentenced to prison. While there he meets and makes friends with Diego Delgado and learns about the drug Cocaine. Together they find a way to traffic it into the United States and again George becomes extremely wealthy. …show more content…
While doing this George begins to use cocaine and enjoys it. As time progresses George can be seen abusing the drug and even becoming addicted to it. Addiction is referred to as a condition in which a person feels compelled to take a specific drug. This compellation can lead to many serious effects that are not good to the user of the drug. Some experience physical dependence on a drug when their body and brain chemistry have physically adapted to it. This means that after a time of taking the drug a person can get used to the effects received from the drug and have to have that experience in their life daily if not more often. Their day cannot go well for them, or they may not be able to operate properly without having had the experience of the effects of that drug for the moment. George never really ends up showing this dependence on cocaine, but he does in more of a recreational way. He never really tends to show a need to take the drug. Instead George uses the drug because it’s there and he has it. However, George’s wife Mirtha does show this effect towards drugs. The biggest example when she is pregnant she is still doing cocaine. Even though the taking of the drug can have harmful effects on their new born child, Mirtha feels compelled to continue taking cocaine and feeling its effects because she needs it to go on with her day. Her further abuse can be seen by her extremely skinny physique

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