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Student: Billyn Tarplain


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Tarplain, B PSYCH 6401-8 Industrial/Organizational Psychology |

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In the 1980s, Sir Richard Branson’s company quickly developed into a music label called Virgin Records (Finkle, 2011). Forbes magazine in 2014, gave Sir Richard Branson the rank of seventh richest citizen of the United Kingdom (Finkle, 2011). Branson is worth $4.9 billion US dollars (Finkle, 2011).

Personality Characteristics Sir Richard Branson’s personality characteristics are shaped by certain beliefs. Branson believes that anything is possible and everything is debatable (Schawbel, 2014). Branson is a risk-taker and believes that rules are made to be broken (Schawbel, 2014). Branson is always on the front line of leadership-and always finds creative and innovative ways to develop employees (Schawbel, 2014). Branson is a strong believer in team-building- which according to him builds trust, respect and understanding (Finkle, 2011). Integrity is an important characteristic that Branson also possesses which he displays through honesty and politeness (Finkle, 2011). Branson is a maverick that believes in the idea that individuals should control their own destinies (Finkle, 2011).

Transformative Leadership Theory The Transformative leadership theory is a concept with innate belief that a leader should identify needs for changes in a business and/or organization, a leader should also be the architect of a perspective to advance an organization through motivation, in addition to creating these essential changes with dedicated members of the

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