Psyc 255 Case Study paper

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How to conduct and complete a Case Study
Kimberly M Asbury
Liberty University

In this paper, the definition and description of what a case study is, what are some reasons for using a case study, what are some disadvantages and advantages of this approach? Also included in this paper I will talk about what are some of the ways a researcher can acquire information that can is used for a case study. A case study can be defined as a descriptive account of the behavior, history, and other relevant factors concerning a particular individual (Cozby, Bates, 2012).

What is a Case Study?
A case study is an intensive type of research that involves a process in which detailed information is collected
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Instrumental case studies are used to accomplish something other than the understanding of a particular situation. Lastly Collective case studies are similar to multiple case studies (Yin, 2003).
What are some reasons for using a case study approach?
A case study method can be used in social science, psychology, anthropology, and ecology. The Case study method is specially used for trying and testing theoretical simulations in real life situations. In psychology, a case study is used as a descriptive research approach to obtain an in-depth analysis of a person, group, community, and phenomenon. A variation of techniques may be used including personal interviews, direct observation, psychometric tests, and archival records. Occasionally, a case study is done when an individual acquires a particularly rare, unusual, or noteworthy condition (Cozby, Bates, 2012).
What are advantages and disadvantages of this approach?
Advantages of a case study include informing us of conditions that are rare or unusual and therefore providing us with unique data about some psychological phenomenon, such as memory, language, or social exchange. Understandings and knowledge gained through a case study may also lead to the development of theories that are tested using other methods (Cozby, Bates, 2012). Also during a case study scientific experiments can be conducted which leads to further testing of a specific proposition. Lastly when conducting a case study, it allows

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