Psyc 1111 Unit 1 Discussion Assignment

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PSYC 1111-Unit 1 Discussion Assignment
Strep throat is an illness that has mild to severe cases, in this case example, I, Priscilla a Pre-School teacher was wrongly treated and diagnosed in an urgent care clinic, and landed in the hospital barely conscious. Strep throat is spread by bacterial germs that are spread through contact with any items that have been touched by someone who is sick, or by sharing utensils and drinking from the same cup of a person who is sick. Just like other respiratory infections, these are spread easily, especially working in a Pre-School classroom. Although we try to teach and implement the best strategies for keeping a clean environment, the children are always very busy and if not reminded, while coughing or sneezing, they do not wash their hands and continue touching items. Hand washing is important in this field of work, as in any field of work and at home because
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Later weakness and dizziness started to occur, my behavior of this matter was wrong, trying to ignore my symptoms to get through the work day, but a co-worker showed much concern and believed it could be something bad, worried she convinced me to finally share my symptoms with the boss, who insisted I go to the Urgent Care Clinic because she thought I would be treated quicker than the Emergency Room. At the Clinic, they attended quickly and provided a room to be checked by a doctor, describing the symptoms the nurse performed a swab test and I noticed she did not reach my tonsils with the swab. Thinking that this test may have been wrongly performed I told the nurse, “You did not touch my tonsils with the swab, should you do it again to make sure you get some of the white pus on the swab?”. The nurse, who seemed very sure of her work stated, “If it is strep throat it will come back positive just with saliva”, I stayed quiet as it was painful to

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