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Determination, a passion for working with people and building brands, and a laser−like focus on achieving results are just a few of the defining characteristics of Kimberly Wright. With 8 years of experience leading and managing marketing, business development, communications, project management and branding, Kimberly has been a driving force behind marketing and account management for diverse clientele including some of the largest Fortune 5 companies to regional non−profit entities. Her broad background in various industries including finance, fashion, IT, education, and sports have enabled her to build the most robust of networks and bring new energy and ideas to any project.

Currently working as a Marketing Director for 1st Aide
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At P.A. Gold within a year she increased revenue by 65% by launching the most innovative of marking services. Similarly, at Pro Athlete Business she increased involvement in the Investor Trade Show of former Professional Athlete/Vender attendance by over 275%, while also managing promotional and publicity campaigns flawlessly for over 15 events annually. Then, with the NFLPA, she singlehandedly sold 80% of all corporate sponsorships for the NFL Player Association Northern California Chapter Former Players Division and met with 350 prospective, current and former NFLPA members to showcase program offering. Utilizing extensive knowledge and expertise of strategic marketing planning, communications, and public relations she increased social media content sharing by 35%, website landing page conversion by 90%, and players registrations by 250% for NFLPA in just a few …show more content…
As a proven leader, she is dedicated to helping everyone who crosses my path and loves exchanging ideas with innovators from multiple industries.

As a technologically savvy marketing professional, Kimberly understands blogs, social media, free online advertising, state of the art technologies, and the latest research technologies to ensure that clients receive the most comprehensive and current marketing of their products and services, while providing the with the best possible information to guide them to business success.

Kimberly is a highly regarded and sought after consultant with a combination of operational and marketing acumen. She is committed to not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations. Kim takes great pride in understanding every nuance of every brand and product she Is responsible for.

Her philosophy has always been that her clients come first. Her clients routinely complement her on their charm as they speak of her professionalism and passionate work ethic.

Clients for

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