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PSY 200/203
Study Guide for Final Exam
Chapter 1 - Scientific method A. Psychology has four basic goals regarding behavior and mental processes 1. Describe 2. Explain 3. Predict 4. Control B. Scientific method - set of assumptions, attitudes, and procedures that guide researchers in investigations 1. Events are lawful (follow consistent patterns) 2. Events are explainable 3. Events are approached with scientific skepticism (critical thinking) a. Minimize the influence of preconceptions/biases while evaluating the evidence b. Determine the conclusions that can be reasonably drawn from the evidence c. Consider alternative explanations for research findings
Steps in the
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Sensory neurons – convey info from receptor cells in the sense organs, skin, and internal organs to brain 2. Motor neurons – communicate info to the muscles and glands 3. Interneurons – communicate info between neurons
Three components of a neuron 1. Cell body – contains the nucleus which provides the neuron with energy 2. Dendrites – short, branching fibers extending from the cell body that receive info from other neurons 3. Axon – a single, elongated tube that extends from the cell body and carries info from the neuron to other neurons, glands, and muscles a. Axons can vary in length from a few thousandths of an inch to four feet b. Axons are surrounded by a myelin sheath (a white, fatty covering that insulates axons from one another and increases the neuron’s communication speed c. Nodes of Ranvier – small gaps in the myelin sheath
How do neurons communicate? 1. Messages are gathered by the dendrites and cell body and then transmitted along the axon in the form of a brief electrical impulse called an action potential. 2. Stimulus threshold – minimum level of stimulation needed to activate a neuron 3. All-or-none law – either a neuron is sufficiently

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