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Individual Assignment week 4: Issue Analysis: 15 points

After reading the selected critical issue, complete the worksheet below to analyze the issue. 0. Read Issue 17: Are Professional Women “Opting Out” of Work by Choice? This reading is located in the Taking Sides text. 0. Provide in text citations within each response and references at the end of the worksheet that follow APA guidelines. 0. Each response is worth 3.75 points, and each response must have a minimum of 250 words
1. What are the main points of Linda Hirshman’s argument?
The first main point that Linda Hirshman states is that feminism did not go far enough (Guest, 2011). Her view point is that women fought so hard for the movement and now it feels
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Women of today realize what the role models of our past have done for us and are very grateful, however things have changed. The doors were opened and women are using them and still fighting to have the doors pushed open even more. Actually the feminist act has left the women in charge most of the time. Are women going and working for other companies no. However they are working in their home and there are times when that saves a lot of time and money. I also believe that having at least one parent at home or who is readily available helps with parenting. It shows the child how much you care about their future not just about your neighborhood status on who has the newest things. Within today’s society there is a large group of mothers who are single mothers. Because of this the men in the child’s life can go to work whenever and has no worry about what to do with a child however the mother who is the sole care provider needs that requirement of daycare met prior to even considering a job. Women are not ungrateful for the feminist movement but rather slowly pushing to achieve it in different areas at different levels. According to Forbes 2012 33% of women today are choosing to stay home and raise their children. Out of the other percentage that are working women 84 % of those women are waiting for their partner to make enough financially so they can stay at home with their children.

4. Explore two other roles that can be acquired during early and

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