Psy 480 Week 1 Essay

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Examination of Clinical Psychology

Examination of Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is a profession that focuses on helping individuals with various troubles and concerns they experience during their relationships, emotions, and physical selves. One example of what a clinical psychologist can do is to see if a child has a learning disability or an attention problem that might contribute to poor school performance by using intellectual and educational tests (Plante, 2011). In this paper, the history of clinical psychology will be examined as well as its role of research and statistics. In addition, clinical psychology will be furthered examined and how it differs from other mental professions such as social work,
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A couple of tests were known as the Army Alpha test and Army Beta intelligence test (Plante, 2011).
*******Research one of the most important items in clinical psychology, it is conducted in hospital settings, clinics, universities, colleges, and much more. According to Plante (2011), research is fundamental to both science and practice of clinical psychology. Research is essential to continue adding more editions to clinical psychology textbooks because there is always room for improvement. Research in clinical psychology, its goal is to obtain knowledge about human behavior and use this information to not only inform the people, but to help improve their lives. Clinical psychologists use the scientific method in conducting their research activities. The scientific method is a set of rules and procedures that describe, explain, and predict a particular phenomenon (Plante, 2011).
Clinical psychologists are responsible for various important tasks such as identifying psychological, emotional, or behavioral issues, and diagnose disorders by using information obtained from interviews, observations, tests, records and more (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). They also develop individual treatment plans and decide the intensity and duration of therapy. They must write reports on clients, evaluate the effectiveness of counseling or treatments, and study the medical, psychological, social, and family histories by interviewing individuals,

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