Psy 240 to Eat or Not Eat Essay

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To Eat or not to Eat
Heather Zearfoss
PSY 240
December 9 2012
Jade Bost

To Eat or Not to Eat

Per both groups, consisting of individuals suffering from both anorexia and obesity, I want to start each session with the same opening. It will go something like this: “Hello group – My name is Heather Zearfoss and we will start today’s session with just a few quick key points on the effect of food on our lives. I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible so that everyone understands why exactly you are even hungry and why your body needs food. This will be important in understanding the role of it in your own life. First, let me start off by saying, everyone looks at food differently; however, many of you do not know why
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Another thing that can really play a role in the way a person eats is simply by the way others do. If you raised being told to “finish your plate”, you may feel that even though you are full, you need to have a clean plate. This can cause over eating which can eventually lead to being overweight. I want everyone here to feel comfortable so I will tell you that I experienced this first hand. I was raised by a grandmother that constantly would try and feed me all kinds of cookies, cakes, snacks – nothing every healthy. I actually hated candy because it was always shoved down my throat whereas when my friends came over, they would love it because there was always chocolate here. I have also found another problem, healthy food is expensive! Has anyone experienced that? I have found that things like fresh veggies and fruits, healthy chicken or meat, cost much more than a box of mac and cheese. Also, who sometimes doesn’t feel like cooking and just going out to eat? I know I do. Well the easily accessible convenient fast food chains are so readily available it makes cooking nonexistent. Many places are offering more healthy options but the problem is the places like McDonalds is the dollar menu. The cheaper the food, the unhealthier it may be, but with the way the economy is, sometimes you do not have the option to order a green salad and may just have to settle with the dollar double cheeseburger.

OK everyone – lets open up the floor for

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