Psalm 139 : A Divine Encounter About God 's Character And The Intimate Knowledge

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Psalm 139 is written after the author has a divine encounter about God’s character and the intimate knowledge he has of them. The author’s word choice can be further understood by studying in the original Greek/Hebrew words within the text that carry deeper meanings.
Psalm 139:1 English standard version translation says. “Oh Lord you have searched me and you know me”. Two words that are important in this particular verse are the Greek/Hebrew words for Lord and know. The particular word for Lord in the Hebrew text is the word Yahweh. Yahweh is the Hebrew name of God meaning I am. In the bible this name was first God associated with God when questioned by Moses in Exodus 3 on what name to call him. The use of the name Yahweh is significant in this passage because it established that the same God discussed in Psalm 139 is the same God who was with Moses in Exodus a time span of hundreds of years. This establishes God’s credibility and allows the reader to understand his unchanging and ever present nature throughout the bible. The second word of importance is the word know which in the Greek/Hebrew translation is the word yada. The word yada mean to know, to be know, to be completely understood, and respected. So when the writes states that God yadas him it means that not only does the reader have an intimate understanding of God. But the word usage also implies that God has an intimate knowledge of the reader that is not typical of human interaction. God complete understands…

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