Essay about Psa Crash

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Mid-Air of PSA Flight 182 and its Impacts on U.S. Aviation

Lance Paston

Utah Valley University


This paper reviews the tragic mid-air crash of PSA flight 182 and Cessna N7711G a Cessna 172 over San Diego and its resulting FAA rules and regulation changes, and their affect on the U.S. aviation industry. PSA Flight 182’s mid-air resulted in the most sweeping FAA changes to airspace to date. The FAA rules and regulation changes was a success in preventing similar mid-airs of this type.

On September 25, 1978, I was a 16-year-old inspiring young pilot going to high school within 10 miles of San Diego’s Lindbergh International Airport. It was about
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I am amazed the National Transportation Safety Board did not address unnecessary talking in the PSA cockpit below 10,000 feet not related to landing. The early morning sun, which would have caused a glare on the windscreens of the aircraft making it harder to see each other was not addressed or the fact that Lindbergh, authorized the Cessna 172 to us an ILS approach to runway 9 while the active runway in use was runway 27 (NTSB). This fact alone increases the potential future conflict of the two aircraft as they were both traveling east into the sun, the Cessna ascending and the Boeing descending with flaps, gear, slats extended with a nose high attitude trying to bleed off airspeed for landing (Wikipedia). At some point, the controllers should have been concerned because the Boeing would have to make a turn to base leaving both aircraft in each other’s blind spots getting ready to possibly turn into each other.

The FAA’s rules, regulations, and procedures instituted because of this horrific accident to insure that this type of accident would never happen again are as follows: The FAA immediately implemented a Terminal Radar Service Area at Lindbergh Field. The FAA issued new safety regulations requiring all unscheduled small commuter aircraft, charter and on demand, air taxis to be piloted by certified ATP licensed pilots and their aircraft to be equipped

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