Providing A Free Appropriate Public Education Essay

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In regards to providing a Free Appropriate Public Education to students with disabilities I feel like my district, Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools does an excellent job. First and foremost, we are an inclusive district and provide services for all students regardless of a disability and offer a continuum of services throughout the district. For instance, each elementary and middle school has a specialty so that one or two types of disabilities are serviced in a particular building. This allows for all services to be covered including specific programs for the intellectually disabled, mentally disabled, those students with autism, and finally students diagnosed with emotional disturbances. Secondly, my district does a great job of providing an appropriate education for students with disabilities because we focus solely on a case by case basis. For example, with one particular child we reopened his Individualized Education Program (IEP) approximately three times throughout the school year in order to make changes to placements, transportation, and services so that the student would be better served. This was all with parental involvement and included the Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) so that by the end of the year the entire group felt like the goals and placement decided upon accurately reflected the needs of the student. The overarching goal each time was to help this child benefit academically. Furthermore, my district puts heavy emphasis on progress…

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