Providence Health Care Case Study

About Providence Health Care Providence Health Care It was founded in 1997 and it is located in Vancouver. It exists to offer leadership in the health care system through ensuring that individuals can effectively access as well as receive the kind of care they are in need of. This health care has a good reputation as well as legacy of loving care that is clearly portrayed in their missions and values. In addition, it is a welcoming community, where compassion, hope together with love is always being expressed. It also offer rehabilitation, community care and palliative care. This community also understance what life is and this is the reason they consider life to be a sacred gift full of meaning and values. The Providence Health Care also …show more content…
Moreover, these are some of the things that must be given much attention for them to bring impart to the health care.
When it comes to the indispensability, there is a need that the Providence Health Care should consider being indispensible since this will make its residents, patients together with the payers not to be in a position of going around. The reinvent patient experience will also offer some assistance when the health care to work with their patients in order to restructure the most important patient process that will leverage technologies and at the same time encourage the most appropriate patient engagement as well as experience. This will also make it possible for an individual to have a clear understand of the patient’s role in healthcare. Furthermore, the healthcare will be redesigned when the staff purpose to work with the patient.
The health care should also be in a position of coming up with the most effective and productive revenue cycle that will make it possible for it to generate fund that will ensure that they are always successful. Moreover, this will deal with the challenge of lack of fund since the healthcare will be in a position of coming up with different financial ideas that are friendly to their financial
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This will not be limited to only mobile and website technology but also establishing capability and capacity that is very strong to leverage new technologies. In addition, the transformational leadership will be very important for this healthcare since the supervisors of different healthcare departments will be in a position of envisioning and executing new healthcare features. When the staff have the necessary skills, including interpersonal skills, they will partner with the patients as well as care providers in such a way that they will encourage creativity and at the same time the healthcare disciplines will also be maintained.
The final thing that the Proidence Health Care should consider is having a culture that encourages responsibility and accountability. For the healthcare to work on their values, one of the thing that both the patients and the staff must exercise is high level of accountability. There is a need that the company should also organize its organizational and clinical culture for both accountability and responsibility to be institutionalized.
With the above mentioned critical factors, there is a great possibility that the Providence Health Care will be in a position of elevating to greater heights of success and a grea positive impact will be seen in the healthcare system in the near feature.

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