Protestant Bias Essay

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At the beginning of this semester this class focused on hermeneutics and the reader’s personal interpretations and biases when reading a text. The Protestant bias is one bias that anyone who grows up surrounded by western and protestant culture is likely to have. A person who is not a protestant,but lives in western culture can still have a Protestant bias. A Protestant bias is a bias comes from the fact that the majority of westerners are most familiar with and base their assumptions about scripture on one particular scripture -- the Christian Bible. Whether an individual is a Christian or not, most westerners have been exposed to Christianity, and the Bible is often the first book that comes to mind when “scripture” is mentioned. People generally have negative associations with the word “bias”and those associations are usually connected to the idea of closed mindedness. When actually considering biases though, it is important to realize that biases, such as the protestant bias, are not actually morally wrong. In fact, biases are something that every person has whether they want them or not. The Protestant bias has many key factors; a person with a protestant bias associates scripture as being written, read individually, holding ultimate authority, academically approached and also studied by literate …show more content…
Biases are a funny thing though; often times -- even when a person tries to be unbiased -- the bias will slip out, even if it is just for a moment. Our minds immediately associates with what we find the most familiar -- to what was ingrained to our way of thinking growing up. So, while I do think that the Protestant bias can be somewhat controlled I do not necessarily believe that it can complete be “done away

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