Protest Protests : The Police Station Protest Essay

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protest Purnell recalls seeing violence from both sides, meaning the militant force that was used by the officers and the protesters. Protesters were breaking into stores destroying private and public property. People who traveled from outside of Ferguson to protest were prevented from leaving. They were blocked in by officers, which make them angry, resulting in retaliation, creating more violence. For the most part there was so much violence that it was impossible to point fingers at anyone.
On January 9, 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina officers were deployed to break up a protest. The protest began at a nearby mall and spread downtown. More than 500 businesses were destroyed and a lot of vehicles were damaged. The riot caused the city more than $10 million in damage. There were hundreds of arrests made, and 3 people were killed during the protest.
One week after Omar Greely was killed while on the floor unarmed while in police custody. Protesters demonstrated outside the police station to protest his death. Police used tear gas on protesters. Over 200 protesters were arrested, but only 50 were charged. Many of the protesters that were arrested had never been inside a police station or in front of one.
Apel (2014) wrote about a protest that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, where violence created more problems. Apel specified that the protest was violent and how angry the protesters made the government. People in the street acting out, destroying the city do not…

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