Power In Antigone

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Protective of Power A person of power can be broken. Power can be won, given, taken, and lost. People can be ruined. Being destroyed can be afflicted by an outside force or by oneself. However, no matter the source of ones downfall there is no influence over the inevitable. Throughout the play Antigone many of the characters are confronted with situations that lead to their downfall. Most of the characters actions and choices are the source of their ultimate demise. According to Aristotle, a Greek tragedy must possess a protagonist that contains a harmatia, or tragic flaw, that leads to their own downfall. Aristotle believed that the protagonist of a true Greek tragedy would somehow begin the story on a rise to great achievement. It is …show more content…
At the end of Antigone, Creon discovers that he led himself to his own doom by his pride and power that manipulated his better judgment. Creon 's self-confidence helped promote his loyalty to Thebes. However, in the process of promoting his devotion to his land, he became overwhelmed with the power he possessed. "The furies sent by the gods and the God of death to strike you down with the pains that you perfected"(1196-1197). Creon angered the gods because of his choices that he made for himself and not the city. He chose to kill others that didn 't need to be killed for his belief it was done in the name of the people. However, the people decided by themselves that it was unnecessary for Antigone to die because of her defiance of the city. Creon 's decisions to kill others were in conflict with the gods’ support of the people 's prayers causing misfortune across their land. Creon becomes doomed by his own actions of pride as expressed by Tiresias, “Pride is a crime"(1136). Creon 's actions not only affect himself, but also those who surround him and obey him. Tiresias highlights that Creon 's pride in his power causes manipulation of his perspective. Creon 's tragic fate is set into place by his previous actions and judgements made throughout the

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