Protection Against Tyranny

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Unfair, cruel ruling and no freedom, how would you like to have a government that follows these set of rules? This is what it would be like to have tyranny in the United States government. This is what it would be like without the creation of the constitution.The first guard against tyranny was federalism, which is federal, state and local government. Another protection against tyranny was separation of powers which made three main branches of government, judicial ,executive and legislative. One of the last guards against it is checks and balances which makes sure the different branches are using their power correctly and if they’re not then the others can check them for it. The main ideas in the constitution that protects us from tyranny in the government are, federalism, checks and balances and separation of powers.
Federalism is one of the main protections from tyranny in our government. This is local, state and federal government. They helps to protect by making sure that one level of government doesn't get supreme power over the others. Federal government can start a war and the state government cannot just like state government can decide marriage laws but local can not. State governments have partial say in what local governments can do but overall federal government has supremacy over both.
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This protects against tyranny because it separates the government into three branches so they can make decisions in their own specific departments. The executive branch is made up of the president and the vice president and their job is to obey and enforce laws. The legislative is made of of the of congress which is the house of representatives and the senate and their job is to pass laws. The last branch is the judicial branch which is made up of supreme court and they make sure that proposed bills are

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