Protecting The Environment And Its Effects On Our Environment

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Virtually everyone who has grown up in the United States knows the saying: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” And most of us think that in order to save the environment, we must all play a small role by doing things like buying cars with high gas mileage, or using products that are environmentally friendly in one way or another. These kind of ideas have been repeated to many of us our whole lives, but what most don’t realize is that the burden of responsibility for protecting the environment and enacting change in the way that we as a society treat our environment can’t be justly placed on the individual consumer.
Although it is true that we all play a role in protecting the environment, what shouldn’t be overlooked is who or what is having the biggest negative impact. Large industries such as oil and gas, power generation (especially from coal), and deforestation due to infrastructure, agricultural development and unsustainable logging all have impacts on the environment that absolutely dwarf the pollution created by average consumers. Another important point is that the options available to the individual consumer that allow them to shape their own environmental impact are almost all provided by major corporations like the ones I just mentioned.
One example of this out of the countless that we encounter in our daily lives is in transportation. Getting around in today’s world is more important than ever, and absolutely vital to success. But not everyone can feasibly use public…

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