Protecting The Elderly On The Roadways Essay

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Protecting the Elderly on the Roadways
“By 2030, 85% to 90% of the 70 million Americans older than 65 are projected to have driver 's licenses, according to auto insurer AAA. That 's a substantial boost from 2009, when 33 million licensed drivers were older than 65” (qtd. in Lawrence). As the population of older Americans increases, so does the debate of when and if the government should restrict the capability of an older citizen to drive and keep a license with regard to their age. One of the strongest factors that should be taken into consideration is the health of older drivers. Older drivers have a higher crash rate than middle aged adults since the three main attributes important for driving which include vision, cognition and motor function can weaken over the years (“Mature Driver Laws”). To help keep the mature drivers, people 65 years of age and older, and those around them safe, thirty-three States and the District of Columbia have adopted different laws for mature drivers in each state which can include anything between, “accelerated renewal frequency, restriction of online or mailed renewals, vision test, road test or reduced or waived renewal fees” (“Mature Driver Laws”). One of the seventeen states that does not have any requirement set aside for mature drivers is Ohio. People who oppose any regulation on whether or not an older person should be able to drive based on age believe that taking away drivers’ licenses from mature drivers, “signals a loss of…

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