Essay about Protecting Children 's Own Human Rights

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A Time to Step In: Protecting Rights of Children in Health Care Decision Making
As professionals, nurses have the responsibilities to have better understanding of the legal and moral rights of their patients to self determination. The nurse preserves, protects, and supports those interests by assessing the patient 's comprehension of both the information presented and the implications of the decisions (Bosek, 2005). Competence is defined as the condition of being adequately qualified or capable. Informed consent is based on the premise that the people giving consent are capable enough to weigh the potential risks and benefits of what they are consenting to (Bosek and Savage, 2007). Many aspects of children 's development are independent of age and hinge on exposure to opportunities and life experiences. Basing children 's competence only on an age based parameter is unethical because it is a violation of children 's rights. This paper is going to focus on children 's competence in making decision regarding their health from the perspective of children 's own human rights.
Background Research Having the capacity to consent to treatment requires understanding the nature, benefits, risks, and side effects of the treatment. It also includes understanding the consequences of the decision to decline treatment. The principle of informed consent is well-established in nursing standards with respect to the common law. The Health Care Consent Act (HCCA) sets out…

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