Essay Prostitution, Prostitution And Sex Trafficking

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Prostitution may be one of the oldest professions, but many people do not truly understand what prostitution is. Many media outlets have depicted prostitution in various ways. In many films like Pretty Woman and Medea Goes to Jail, prostitution is characterized by women who gains control over their lives by selling themselves to whomever they please. Once the prostitutes fall in love, the women have the freedom to quit their occupation and start a new life. In other bodies of work, a prostitute is depicted as a woman who works for a pimp who coerces her into performing sexual acts; an example being Tyler Perry’s stage play Laugh to Keep from Crying. The reason many people misidentify prostitution is because of the stereotype associated the job. Prostitution is most commonly portrayed with a pimp who has some degree of a god complex and who slaps around his women. Once the pimp begins to force his workers to perform sexual acts with clients, the women are no longer prostitutes, they’ve become victims of sex trafficking. Prostitution and sex trafficking may be perceived to be interchangeable words for the same thing; nevertheless they are on opposite ends of the sex labor spectrum.
The primary difference between prostitution and sex trafficking is the presence coercion. Prostitution is a job, therefore it is voluntary and every morning the prostitutes choose to fulfill the needs that their job requires. Diosa in Sons of Anarchy is a perfect example of prostitution, the…

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