Essay on Prostitution in South East Asia

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Prostitution in South East Asia In the countries of South East Asia, prostitution is an issue that has been going on for years. Dating back to pre communist era in Japan and Vietnam where it grew larger, prostitution is an issue in Asia. Due to economic, political and class factors prostitution is an easy way to make money but it’s the women who are put into the spotlight. The girls are put into prostitution to bring money into the household, pay off debts, and keep themselves out of poverty. Along with the moral issues of prostitution there are also the health factors of the risk of HIV and AIDs. Prostitution, by definition, generally means the command by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual …show more content…
Many families would sell their daughters to brothels to pay off debts and they would be left there at that. If girls were raped, or sexually touched in an way they were never allowed to speak up or say anything because it would bring shame upon themselves and their families. Virgins were considered a high asset because it was believed they would bring the man good luck, wealth, and clean from any diseases.

From the class section of this issue, it was very common for an underprivileged family to exploit their daughters for money. In an article by Paul Snyder he explains how a family would go about sending out their daughter (s),
“ An impoverished peasant family recognizes that one or more of their daughters is fairly good looking. They first try to marry her off to one of the rich young men there in the vicinity who is attracted to her. But, he, being more experienced, better educated, and powerful, just seduces her and lets it go at that. The girls then have no more marital value at home. The laws prevent the parents from selling her outright; so she is sent to a known house of ill repute. The deal is that the madam (mamasan) will provide the girl with a wardrobe, teach her some poise and the ropes of the business, and pay for her daily trips to the beauty parlor, her weekly checks for VD at the clinic, and provide her with a private rom and board until she gets on her feet and starts making money.

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