Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution is one of the oldest and most controversial forms of business in the United States. Though it is illegal in most states, prostitution is a rapidly growing industry. Prostitution will always exist no matter what laws are put against it. If the criminal aspect of prostitution were removed and government guidelines were implemented, then the sex workers and those whom they service, would be subject to laws and regulations just like any other taxpayer. Sex workers rights would be protected and they would be offered some measure of safety. Before the industrial era, many women were employed as prostitutes. Prostitution paid far more than other jobs offered to women. Around this time the government was largely uninterested in prostitution, only clergymen seemed to disapprove however, even then, they seemed to acknowledge that prostitution was just a fact of life. In the 20th century, around 1910, moralist groups became more and more …show more content…
“A study of San Francisco prostitutes found that 82% had been assaulted and 68% had been raped while working as “prostitutes”.” (Fuchs). Because prostitution is unregulated, sex workers have nothing to protect them from sexual harassment and rape. Many prostitutes who report cases of rape or sexual harassment are not taken seriously. They are often told that they deserved it because they put themselves in that place. The women are often viewed as more immoral and are degraded more than the “pimps” which hire them. Often the women are the ones who take the fall in a court of law, while their customers are left to carry on. Because prostitution is criminalised it make it harder for former prostitutes to find another job. “Anyone with a history of prostitution on their criminal record can be denied employment in the federal government.” (“Sex

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