Prostitution Argument Essay

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The legalization of prostitution in the United States would make the profession safer, more profitable and more socially acceptable for all parties involved. Often dubbed “the world’s oldest profession”, prostitution is nothing more than a manual labor job that has been wrongfully stigmatized by society as iniquitous. The stereotyping of prostitution, otherwise known as escorting, only perpetuates the risqué, unsafe, and shameful conditions of said act.
Escorting in the United States is currently unhealthful and dangerous. The legalization of prostitution nationwide would drastically increase the safety of the individual prostitutes by reducing violent crime and rape as well as reduce the transfer of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).
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Rudimentarily, all anti-prostitution arguments stem from three pillars: one, prostitution is wrong; two, that legalizing prostitution does not reduce violence, rape, and STI spread; and three, prostitution is oppressive. However, all these arguments are shrouded in personal bias, willful ignorance, and blatant disregard for …show more content…
An argument against this is quite hard to prove one way or the other due to the subjectivity of morals. However, a view that prostitution is wrong gives no bearing to the belief that prostitution should be illegal. Every person is entitled to their body. It is a basic human right. Tolerating the criminalization of prostitution is tolerating the violation of one of the most basic human rights: the right to one’s own body.
Another tenant purported by advocates for the continuation of outlawing prostitution is that it does not bring down any crime rates pertaining to prostitutes. Not surprisingly, this is wrong. A direct correlation between the legalization of prostitution and the decline in rape, violence, and STI spread exists. This is proven mostly through Brents’ and Hausbeck’s thorough investigation into this matter. Prolonging the myth that legalizing prostitution does not prevent these abhorrent deeds from living on is being willfully ignorant and intellectually

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