Prostitution And The Suffering Of The Underclass Essay

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Prostitution is said to be one of the oldest kinds of oppression that human kind has experienced. Every day, many women are trafficked into or forced into the industry and are not talked about or supported enough. The issue has been consistent for many years, but represented by very few male writers like Victor Hugo. The situations and struggles of sex workers have not changed drastically since the 19th century, as portrayed by Victor Hugo in Les Miserables through the life of Fantine.
Prostitution and the suffering of the underclass is something Hugo focused on a lot throughout the novel. He described the suffering of women and what drives them into the industry. It was described to be the last resort for suffering women, as demonstrated by the life of Fantine. She was was described to have raised herself. “She never knew her parents” . Fantine was a struggling woman since she was very young. Hugo said that “At the age of 10, Fantine left the city and went to service among the farmers of the suburbs” (45). Fantine was described to sell her hair for “ten francs” to buy a shirt for her daughter, and she “sold her teeth” for “forty francs” (Hugo 63) so that her “Child would not die of frightful sickness for the lack of aid” (Hugo 66). Fantine was driven into the business because she had no other choice, yet she was shamed for it. This has not changed drastically since his time. Research indicates that most people that have been driven into the prostitution…

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