Essay about Prostitution And Its Effects On The United States

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Prostitution has been defined as “the act or practice of engaging in sexual activity for money or its equivalent.” With the exception of a few counties in Nevada, the United States has criminalized prostitution based on the premise that it is degrading to sex workers, the vast majority of whom are female. Proponents of criminalization also argue that it reduces the demand for human trafficking victims as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Despite the prohibition of prostitution, there are still an estimated 1 million prostitutes in the United States today. Sex work persists in various forms all around the country including street prostitution, escort services, strip clubs, bars, brothels, massage parlors, and more. The current state of prostitution in the U.S. prevents sex workers from accessing health care and legal protection. As a result, women in the sex industry face numerous issues including violence, mental and sexual health problems, sex trafficking, and limited economic opportunities. Furthermore, the illegalization of prostitution has been costly for police agencies, prosecutors, and lawmakers throughout the country due to the reallocation of resources towards arresting female sex workers. Overall, the health, social, political, and economic costs of criminalizing prostitution in the United States outweigh the benefits.
Sexual assault and other forms of violence against prostitutes are rampant in the United States, partly due to the fact that…

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