Prostate Gland Essay

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The main function of the prostate gland, found only in men, is to discharge fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate gland also helps to push out the seminal fluid into the urethra. This gland is almost the size of a walnut and is located in the front side of the rectum, and in the center of the penis and the bladder. This is the passage way for urine to leave the body. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) is a disease where there is an unbalanced growth of apoptosis and cells, which can be chronic, resulting from an abrasion in the prostate gland. BPH is the expansion of the prostate which may be a result of an attack on the neck of the bladder or the lumen of the urethra which may cause a struggle during …show more content…
Hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the deposition of collagen and the detrusor muscle may occur due to the continuous obstruction of the bladder opening.
Patients should be educated on the disease process and its management. (BPH) is non-cancerous and is commonly found in older men.
There are many risk factors to consider for the presence of BPH. Obesity correlates with the increase of the sympathetic tone that increases prostatic cellular abundance that occurs by undetermined means. Increase in age, lack of physical activity, erectile malfunction and family history are all additional risk factors of developing BPH.
Symptoms of BPH include difficulty starting urine flow (hesitancy), frequent urination, straining when urinating which is cause by the obstruction the prostate gland, low quantity and strength of the uterine stream, and the feeling of the bladder never being fully
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Patient and family are to be instructed about the need to maintain a high fluid intake to ensure adequate urine output. Patient and family are taught to recognize and report any signs of infection immediately. Patient should start practicing Kegel exercises a few days after surgery, avoid long auto trips and alcohol for about one month, and also avoid tub bath to prevent

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