Scipio, The Thief Lord: Summary

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Have you ever fantasised over a place? Have you ever wanted to escape from your parents? Introducing two fearless fellows to you all, Prosper and Bo. They were orphans on the run from their cruel aunt and uncle, the Hartliebs. Attracted by the magical, charismatic stories, they embarked on an adventure from Hamburg to Venice and met another three orphans led by Scipio--the Thief Lord. They lived in an abandoned movie theatre, the Star Palace, as a hideout. Scipio broke into houses and sell what he had stolen to an antique dealer Ernesto Barbarossa.
The Hartliebs hired Victor Getz the detective to find them, as they decided to adopt Bo but not Prosper. Victor found them in the Star Palace and followed Scipio. He found out that he was not a poor
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But Scipio was isolated from the rest of the gang after they found out his secrets. The break-in ultimately failed. Fortunately, Ida forgave them and told them the secret of the wing. It belonged to a merry-go-round which could change ages. She requested following them to San Michelle, where the merry-go-round was located. Scipio who came late also joined under Prosper's agreement. They brought the wing to the Conte but got fake money in return. Prosper and Scipio went to find the Conte to get back their reward. Sad to say, the Conte had no money. All he had was some old toys. According to him, it was Barbarossa's idea to give them fake money, as he only cared about the toys. Scipio rode on the merry-go-round and became a grown-up, then threatened Barbarossa to ride on it. Barbarossa became a 5-year-old and was adopted by the Hartliebs. Victor employed Scipio as his assistant, and the rest of the kids were adopted by Ida. Barbarossa went crazy that he kept on stealing things from his boarding school. In fact, he became the real "Thief Lord".
I find this book quite unique as it was about magic, linking up with the ancient, mysterious side of Venice. She made 6 characters had their distinguishing personality. The story plot was interesting and smooth. It attracted me to read further. I could easily follow the pace. The author had also created some action scenes that made my heart rush, and I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. Moreover, this book inspired me as it explores the themes of family, youth and

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