Essay on Prosocial Behavior And Psychological Behavior

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Empathy is understanding another individual’s distress or pain from their perspective. It is mainly about a person experiencing other-oriented feeling of sympathy by placing oneself into the other’s shoes. One of the traits that make our species different from the others, is the ability to empathise. This phase can be experienced by simply watching someone having a hard time. The degree to which empathy can affect one’s personal emotional state varies among individuals. Scientists and researchers have discovered that empathy is being encouraged by mirror neurons, certain cells in our brains that get activated when watching another person undergoing negative emotional experience. These cells will then stimulate empathy, where we would feel the exact same thing the other person is going through. This feeling will then motivate us to lend a helping hand, to alleviate the distress. This move is called prosocial behaviour in psychological terms. Prosocial behaviour is behaviour intended to help another individual in distress (Eisenberg, Fabes & Spinrad, 2006). Empathy, followed by prosocial behaviour has become a popular subject among researchers for many years throughout the globe. Many researchers have given evidence that these two are so closely related to each other but there are some criticisms as well associated with that hypothesis. Theories suggest that empathy plays an essential role in the presence of prosocial behaviour (Eisenberg et al., 2010; Lockwood et…

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