Prosecutor 's Misconduct Vs. Wrongly Convicted Essay

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Prosecutor’s Misconduct VS the Wrongly Convicted Since 1989, “The National Registry of Exonerations”, founded in 2012 provides detailed information detailing all known unjustly convicted persons in the United States. “They announced that the release of the unjustly convicted hit a record high of 127 inmates being released from prison for crimes that they did not commit”. (USA Today) Today, the total of known exonerees is 1555. It goes without saying that the greatest miscarriage of justice is going to prison for a crime they did not commit. Not too long ago, the public was blissfully unaware that innocent people could be convicted of crimes not committed. News coverage has brought a new awareness to this prominent issue. The fact that these exonerations happen daily in the United States of America has begun to raise doubt about how fair is our justice system. How does this happen? How does the justice system give exonerees back all of their lost years?
Debra Milke, who is now 51 years old, spent 22 long years in prison for something that she did not do. She was convicted of murdering her 4 year old son. She was sentenced to death row. On March 23, 2015, all charges were dismissed against her. “The ruling was that the prosecutors failed to disclose police misconduct”. (USA Today) In the prosecutor’s failing to disclose the police’s misconduct, committed misconduct themselves. "No civilized system of justice should have to depend on such flimsy evidence, the appellate court…

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