Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Essay

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Pros And Cons Of Using Social Media On The Development Of Our Communication Skills
Does social media kill communication skills?
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Let’s take some responsibility
If you stop communicating and simply rely on technology to send information, then you have to take responsibility for allowing technology to change your efficiency. Social channels provide a communication tool that enables people to share/discuss information instantly and globally. I would argue that this is actually opening up inter-personal skills and improving communication; reach has grown exponentially.
Take the example of the recent United Airlines PR disaster – Dave Carroll’s use of YouTube highlighted the issue of poor customer service to a global audience (over 3.6m video views) who in turn got involved in the debate and spread the original content across their networks as well as commenting on what happened. The result? * A single communication affecting millions of people. * Generation of new dialogue and engagement. * Sharing of thoughts and opinions to influence an outcome, as United Airlines apologised publicly.
Just because that engagement took place virtually without face-to-face contact is not in itself negative. Without social media this conversation would never have taken place.
Worldwide monitoring
Let’s take another recent example with the snowball that is Twitter. Habitat miss-used trending hashtags. The effect? A surge of criticism chastising Habitat for what was, at best, naivety.
Whilst the focus of conversation was on the morals of

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