Pros Of Speeding

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First, Speeding means trying to get somewhere quickly and going over the speed limit when you are on the interstate the standard speed limit is seventy miles per hour for rural interstates and forty five miles per hour is the minimum speed limit. The speed limit for most business and residential area is twenty five miles per hour and on secondary roads the speed limit for trucks is forty five and for other vehicles it is fifty five. Speeding could be the death of you so never speed.

Next, The punishment for not paying your fine is twenty four hours in jail all the way to ninety days and that is for repeat speeding violations that could trigger jail time, particularly reckless driving that means you just keep going over the speed limit by hundreds and you just won’t listen, failing to show up in court if a court send you a date that the ticket have to be payed and you don’t attempt to pay on in you could go to jail for that, and speeding plus one which means you are driving around without a valid driver’s license or

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