Pros Of No Child Left Behind Essay

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Pros of No Child Left Behind Does anyone ever want to see a child fail at anything? I am sure your answer is probably no? But several years ago a topic that has reared its ugly head has been the topic of conversation in many schools and even at many of the education boards at the highest level in Congress. We must make sure that all children have the same opportunities when it comes to learning. Children learn the most when they are in the early stages of education, primarily in the elementary level. The primary goal of the education system is to ensure all students get a fair chance to learn and to succeed at a young age “requires states to test student progress to evaluate school performance” (Has the No Child left behind act effective at improving public education). There should never be a child left behind when it comes to learning. It has been proven over the years how math scores have greatly increased over the last decade because of the education system adopting the law No Child Left Behind. Not only have scores increased but the graduation rate among children has risen 11 % in just over a decade “ Overall achievement gap between minority students and the white majority has decreased between 1999 and 2004” (Pros and Cons of NCLB). By this time you have to be thinking this law has been a good thing. Just because you are a minority, living in poverty, or even receive special education service does not mean you are not like the rest. Everybody should have the same…

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