Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Prostitution

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The wonderful concept of humans is that, regardless of what they are told, they will inevitably do whatever they please. Someone that is told to not often increases their desire to do, even if what they are doing is justifiable in their own eyes, it is often received with a negative connotation. Prostitutes do not do what they do out of spite, or as an “I’ll show you!” with an uplifted shaking fist to “the man.” Deeming an occupation “illegal” will cause those who have that particular job to keep the business secret, rather than in the public domain where it can be monitored and managed accordingly. It is common that people believe that performing sexual acts in exchange for cash is an immoral source of income and that legalizing the profession …show more content…
The diversity of preferences is not received with a sour face: some prefer to enter in the medical field, others create art. Prostitution should simply be seen as another profession: a service done for payment. Wendy McElroy, a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, explains that, “Prostitution is not merely an exchange of sexual favors; it is a financial exchange.” Strippers or “exotic dancers” have a category for their job, a well paying one, they are entertainers. A striptease artist is the profession most similar to prostitution, although their lure is an empty promise. There should not be a divide in one being “more appropriate” than the other. A majority of people frown upon the thought of selling one’s body, they claim it to be profane. It is a human right to do whatever one wishes with and to their body- cosmetic surgery is not illegal, neither are tattoos, piercings, or shaving. Everyone should be able to do whatever they wish with their physical beings. It is seen as noble to sell one’s body to science. For research! For advancement! Yet, when someone wishes to sell their body for their own personal advancement, it is received as blasphemous. This self-interest is seen as unholy, but it is in human nature to do what is in one’s best

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