Positive Effects Of Cancer Essay

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Cancer is a terrible, life threatening disease that many people get diagnosed with. Cancer is the abnormal cell growth that contaminates the body (cancer.org). The most common types of Cancers are skin cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, non-hodgkin lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer. The body’s basic unit of life are cells (cancer.org). Normal cells grow, divide to make new cells, die, and get replaced by other cells (cancer.org). Cancer cells form when cells in the body start growing out of hand. In normal cells, the cells in the body would die, but with cancer cells, they continue growing, forming abnormal cells (cancer.org). Every …show more content…
Cancer cells are able to spread to other tissues and organs where they can grown and form new tumors (cancer.org). The result comes from the cancer cells going into the body’s bloodstream or lymph vessels (cancer.org). If the cancer spreads to other organs, more parts of the body get contaminated by cancerous cells, causing an increase of the uncontrollable disease in the body (CityofHope.org). Cancer is treatable, but doesn’t always work. There are many ways to treat cancer, but most common attempted ways are through surgery, receiving chemo, or radiation therapy (CityOfHope.org). These treatments are said to never be 100% guaranteed to get rid of the cancer. Sometimes the cancer goes away for a few years, but comes back later on (CityOfHope.org). There are times that the chemo and radiation doesn’t change anything, but you should say that it is worth taking a chance for. Side effects of treatments can occur (cancer.org). In chemotherapy, the most common side effects are fatigue, pain, sores in the mouth and throat, …show more content…
Family’s go through really rough times. In these times, people loose cars, even houses and loved ones. My family had to tap into our savings because my dad stopped working when we were surprised with his diagnoses. It was very hard and stressful on my mom. On average, over 1.5 million people, only counting from the United States, are diagnosed with cancer every year. It’s terrible that you don’t have control over getting it and that you just have to hope for the best in the end. I believe that if you stay positive and pray, good things will happen. Listening to what your doctor tells you to do after surgery is also something to really pay attention to and not throw out your ears. My father is living proof that better days do come after all the pain you go through. Even if you’re still on that roller coaster going up, gravity eventually pulls you back down to where you were before it took off. You just have to keep fighting cancer and not let the cancer fight

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