Pros And Disadvantages Of Terrorism

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Since the world has existed, there have been many different types of dangers we were not always aware of. However, due to the advancements, we are able to know what is occurring around the world, especially the terrorist attacks that have recently occurred in the United States and Europe. Terrorism is defined as premediated, politically motivated violence executed against civilian targets by subnational groups, usually intended to influence an audience. Terrorism is intolerable to us, as it is a crime that not only causes destruction but brings pain, distress and sadness. Therefore, United States being a country rich in values, diversity and history, should continue to follow the strategic patience approach, with an addition that it will also …show more content…
With our past experiences in intervening in the Middle East, I would argue that it would have an increase of anti-American sentiment especially in countries of the Middle East as well as other countries. We would instead be stimulating further terrorism. For instance in the article, “Here’s Why We Can Only Contain the Islamic State, Not Bomb It Back to the Stone Age” it stated that United States had a misconception that the downfall of the enemy’s capital does not mean that war is over. However, this was incorrect. The US basically replaced a hostile regime with a weak successor in a disintegrated society and launched the war into the next phase of insurgency and civil conflict, giving rise to sub-national groups that basically took advantage of the state of the country that it is in (Biddle, Stephen and Shapiro 2015). Our intervention in Iraq besides being unpopular to the public and other nations as well as Iraqis viewed it as an intervention that created chaos but a created a disoriented country with no governmental structure thus causing sub- nations to take power of the vulnerable state that Iraq was in . Therefore, the intervention caused a backlash to the United States as it made the situation worse in Iraq and brought negativity towards United

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