Essay On Response To Terrorism

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Since the world has existed, there have been many different types of dangers we were not always aware of. However, due to the advancements, we are able to know what is occurring around the world, especially the terrorist attacks that have recently occurred in the United States and Europe. Terrorism is defined as premediated, politically motivated violence executed against civilian targets by subnational groups, usually intended to influence an audience. Terrorism is intolerable to us, as it is a crime that not only causes destruction but brings pain, distress and sadness. Therefore, United States being a country rich in values, diversity and history, should continue to follow the strategic patience approach, with an addition that it will also promote awareness of how terrorism is constituted , as a way of effectively responding to terrorism.
Terrorism has been the primary focus of the United States after the
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There are also underlying conditions that brought an increase in followers of these extremist groups; such conditions are poverty, bad governance, poor social services, lack of education and anti-American sentiment. By not addressing the underlying causes of terrorism, we risk sustaining anti-American sentiment and creating an increase of new recruits to terrorist organizations. In contrast, addressing the underlying causes Doing so will not only benefit us by decreasing rage towards Unites States, but also would help our security issues we are facing. Therefore , we as Americans we should cope by demonstrating that we understand the nature of terrorism and avoiding conventionalism towards the people that have nothing to do with these attacks. For instance in the article, “Why young people become jihadists, according to a top expert ” it states that believing that terrorism has ties with religion is truly wrong. Religion basically serves as an excuse for

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