What Is The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Topic and Main Question: My topic for this paper will be the Syrian refugee crisis. My main question is what is the most effective and reasonable way we can aid this crisis and help the refugees, without serious consequences?
Summarize: In “Regulating Human Rights: International Organizations, Flexible Standards, and International Refugee Law” Jill Goldenziel discuss possible solutions in further improving how refugees are currently handled. Currently there are international laws and treaties which enforce numerous details. This includes who can qualify as a refugee, how they can legally become considered a refugee, and which rights they will obtain after they pass all the hoops and ladders and “gain” their refugee status. All of these laws,
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More can be done and what is being done can by far be improved. I believe Goldenziel is implying that politics too often times gets in the way of these situations and organizations such as the UNHCR whose sole goal is to improve the life of the innocents without any further agendas (that is until the donor countries influence and sway them a tad). From “below the surface” I gather that we only help aid these refugees (to some extent) if it benefits us in some way. This can be inferred with accepting particular groups as refugees and the monetary swaying power countries use to their advantage. This also applies to the countries who suddenly decide to comply from peaceful interference, since this is usually accompanied with some sort of …show more content…
This relates to the super PACs and how powerful the money they hold over the candidates can really be. Much like Goldenziel and the UNHCR, the U.S. citizens want less influence of money over the person/organization who is meant to have their best interest of the people. This desire is what will make this election go down in history as revolutionary. These sentiments are strong today amongst the majority of the world and can be seen reflected reflected everywhere. I believe the strength is this belief is growing even stronger in part due to the internet. People are more well informed and can research for themselves without relying upon the word of someone else. The wool is slowing being lifted from our eyes and we are beginning to see how corrupt the world is, even in places we least expected, and we want a

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