Pros And Cons Of Weak Curriculum

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Register to read the introduction… Standards-based grading systems should measure a student’s most recent level of mastery. The standards-based grading system uses a grading scale of 4, 3, 2, and 1 which corresponds to performance and content standards. This means using assignments that assess students’ knowledge of materials being taught. In my opinion, grading systems should measure efforts and participation in the grading system. Teachers can use data from participation/efforts to analyze whether master of content is being learned through allowing students to participate in open discussion and demonstrate their mastery through assessments that lets them apply their efforts in a certain skill or content areas.
The criteria for promotion-retention is that more educators are faced with difficulties on whether to promote or need to employ what works best for each students who may struggle to advance to the next grade level. In order to be promoted, students need to have the necessary skills for the next grade level. Retention allows for districts and educators to hold students back who are struggling and fail to meet objectives and goals of standardized testing. According to McMillian
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Without guidelines in place, teachers would find it difficult to know what measures of grading are needed to show student mastery of skills. Administrators must provide teachers with a clear framework for guidelines regarding grading systems. The framework should be aligned with assessments, reporting practices, and with standards-based content. Guidelines should address how teachers can accurately grade students and what they want their students to learn and be able to do. Teachers must have a clear criteria of what types of guiding systems they will

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