Pros And Cons Of Walmart

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Register to read the introduction… Along with raising the standard of living for American families,
Wal-Mart boosts the economy, reduces inflation, and makes the economy more efficient as a whole. According to the Los Angeles Times, “U.S. economists say its tightfistedness has not only boosted its own bottom line, but also helped hold down the inflation rate for the entire country. Consumers reap the benefits every time they push a cart through Wal-Mart's checkout
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This provides U.S citizens with stability and a consistent income. Among other good deeds done by the company, the Wal-Mart foundation donates millions of dollars a year to deserving charities. The company’s foundation has been recognized by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as the largest corporate cash contributor in the United States. In 2008, FORBES Magazine recognized Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. as the “number one most generous company overall.” They gave away over $530 million in the fiscal year ’08, and while some may question the motives behind these donations, the fact is that they still do good for the …show more content…
Wal-mart adopted a strong pro-environmental stand and has championed, for example, the sale of energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs. “Beginning this month, Wal-Mart has launched a massive in-store campaign to educate customers about the benefits of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s),” according to the Motley Fool, which also said, “Lowering the price point on CFL's, however, was just the first barrier to overcome. Consumers also needed to be persuaded that the bulbs were a sound, strategic investment. That's what Wal-Mart's big campaign is all about.” The same website also stated that, "If Wal-Mart achieves its 100-million-bulb goal, the electricity savings will equal the removal of 1.3 million automobiles from the road, or the closure of two-coal powered energy plants.”

Wal-Mart provides stability in a time in which absolutely nothing is guaranteed, and it provides jobs and low cost goods for everyday Americans who might not otherwise have these necessities. We are lucky that an American company like Wal-Mart is the leader in the current economy, and that we get the most benefits out of any country in the world. It’s easy to hate Wal-Mart when you listen to the horror stories, which have likely been embellished to the point of falsification, but I implore you to look on the logical side of an emotional issue,

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