Transgender Bathrooms Essay

Transgender Bathrooms Transgender people should be respected just as much as any other person is respected in our community. Many people do not respect them because they judge the choice that they have made and because people claim that what they are doing is against their religions. They are also not respected because some people view them differently almost like they are predators trying to go after their children. All that most transgender people really want to do is go to the bathroom where they feel that they belong. On my view, believe that Transgender people should be allowed to go to the bathroom according to the gender that they identify by. In my own words, I feel that transgenderism is when a person who does not feel comfortable …show more content…
There is a whole huge process that a transgender person must go through in order to fully change and with those changes they should be allowed to use the restroom they identify by. Gavin Grimm, a transgender student, states this issue, “I don’t know of many people who would endure the humiliation and ostracization of changing your name and changing your gender presentation and asking people to refer to you with pronouns and mannerisms of the opposite sex just so they could go into a restroom and ogle men or women,”(Scherer 4). Parents feel that it is dangerous to allow transgender people into the restrooms that they identify by but I feel that there should not be any harm in that because usually they are not attracted to the gender they identify by. I also feel that if a person wanted to go into the bathroom of the opposite sex to commit a malice they would do it whether or not they were legally able to enter the bathroom. Everything comes down to people accepting transgender people for who they are and everything just take time. Mel Wymore, a community activist, states, “I’ve never heard of anyone [in the transgender community] who wants to make other people uncomfortable, it’s an uncomfortable time, and we have to be patient with each other.” (Scherer 5-6). Patience is key with these changes because there will always be people who are for it and against it and without patience nothing will change because either side will be condemning the other

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