Pros And Cons Of American School System

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America’s school systems are both good and bad. In America we have the privilege of having many education opportunities. Most of which do not cost money. Its popular to read and write as well. The majority of are citizens are given the chance to learn how to read and write and usually do. Free public schools offer the basic knowledge we need for free, the downside is the quality of the education is not always the best. New Orleans, has one of the worst public schools in my opinion because of the lack of resources. Student are also taught to pass test and may not always learn what they are tested on. Another good thing about american schools is we have a fairly educated community, which in turn leads to a better living environment. In America we are one of many countries that profit from advanced education. College in America is extremely expensive and many take out loans to pay for college. This could lead to a large amount of debt. American schools have the privilege to have access many learning tools that help get knowledge in a quicker way as well. No one in the United States has to pay for the …show more content…
for example. Everyday you go to class you have the opportunity to not only learn specifics on what you want to do in life, but your also put in an environment where your neighbor could be the next president or fortune 500 company owner. The connections you build with the people who surround you, could eventually put you in great positions for financial gain. All my life I 've heard its not what you know sometimes but also who you know, and It was not until I got my first job did I really understood what that meant. Companies much like people, like whats familiar or safe. Companies will often hire a friend of an employee before hiring anyone new. So the more people you build positive relationships with the more opportunities you have available. In my eyes everyone who 's educated, further their education for

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