What Is Nanny Law?

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A “Nanny Law” is defined as a view that a government or itself policies are overprotective or interfering unduly with personal choice (Wikipedia Contributors). The “Nanny Law” of reform health care or Obama Care, as it’s more commonly known as, is the “Nanny Law” I chose because of my profession I can relate to the individuals who use this law. I am a health insurance agent and everyday I see individuals that are frustrated and confused about their health care. The new health care law should be repealed because of the fact that this law causes great confusion on its users just get on the webpage, the law does not provide enough coverage or benefits for individuals enrolled in the plans, and it causes more of strain on the everyday worker to …show more content…
For instance, now the individuals who have jobs that do not offer health insurance can now receive coverage. In addition, low-income individuals may now receive health insurance coverage to go see the doctor and get treated where as before they would not be apply or afford health insurance at normal rates. However, how much coverage are these plans giving individuals? What about hard working citizen that has a job, but the jobs health insurance has a very high premium that equals their entire monthly income? The new health care reform is an insurance that gives individuals basic health care insurance with a high deductible unless the individual is low income. Furthermore, if the individual is low income they are given special treatment, such as tax breaks and/or lower premiums, to be able to receive the benefits. This new health reform does not help the hard working individuals who cant afford their employers health insurance or even give enough benefits if the individual does fall …show more content…
For example, if an individual qualifies to be considered low-income they are able to receive tax breaks and very low monthly premiums, such as $2-0.50 a month. However, as an agent I still have individuals come in and ask me if there is anything else

they can do receive more benefits because of illness. In addition, I also have individuals who come in and complain about their monthly premiums being too high to afford when they’re only paying (0.50-$2.00) a month. Nevertheless, these individuals are able to receive such a low premium because of the everyday working citizen who is paying for their health insurance. Consequently, allowing the poor to receive extra help, but without giving them more coverage. Also not allowing the hard working citizen to receive lower premiums or coverage/benefits that would help them if they become ill. The new Health Care Reform Law is type of “Nanny Law” that does not benefit individuals and needs to repealed on the basis of not being user friendly on its webpage, not providing enough benefits or coverage to the individuals enrolled in the plans, and causing a strain on the hard working citizen to pay for health care that does not cover individuals enrolled in the

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