Pros And Cons Of The Mongols

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World History offers many historical leaders to discuss in terms of merit and effectiveness. From Ramesses the Great to Hammurabi, from Julius Caesar to Liu Bang, or from Winston Churchill to Ronald Reagan each offered something more to the treasure trove of antiquity. Some achieve greatness through idolization, some by terror, and most by a usually uneven combination of both. The Mongols of the Post-Classical Era assimilate into that final category. With storied leaders such as Chinggis and Khubilai Khan, Mongolian history flows with rich details about excellence in battle and life. Though a few consider them barbaric beings sharing a metaphorical prison cell with the Nazis, Soviets, and Khmer Rouge, the Mongols are much more sophisticated …show more content…
Chinggis was not the only Mongol leader to seek order and structure in the Mongolian empires. Later, Khubilai Khan and the Yuan dynasty, “…built canals to improve transportation and communication,” (Doc. J) as stated by Charles J. Halperin in his publication Russia and the Golden Horde. It may not be the most reliable information on its own, but given that it is widely accepted historical fact that past Chinese rulers built and expanded on the canal systems in place, it is reasonable to believe the Mongols could have done it as well. If that proves true, the canals would be another example of how the Mongols were able to expand infrastructure and overall structure in the post-classical world. Not only were the Mongols able to impact physical structure, but they also laid out various social guidelines worthy of much discussion. Khubilai Khan attempted through many of his policies to spread equality among various religious and ethnic groups in his society. This can be seen by his way of tolerating various religions within his empire and by providing benefits for those groups. According to Morris Rossabi, author of Kubilai Khan: His Life and Times, in between the years of 1261-1264, “Kubilai [sic] increasingly [gave] Moslems [sic] positions of authority in

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