Pros And Cons Of The Holy Crusades

The holy crusades of the late 10th to the 12th century, when you think of the crusades, what do you think? First before we start off the information and what was the crusades and what was the cause of it and what provided to it first take a moment to imagine your view of the crusaders during the time. Do you imagine a valiant and noble warrior coming in from his isolated and peaceful home that was summoned by the calling of the holy leader of the Catholic Church to participate in such a holy undertaking as he fends off the savage natives of the land in order to reclaim Jerusalem?
Or maybe do you think of a man who has lied to everyone he is able to and has committed many atrocities to both his own religion and to his soul, but he has been given the chance. No the thief to society has been given right to save not only himself, but his own immortal soul when he perishes if he were to participate in to join the arm that has been commended by the pope or his local lord. Or maybe do you instead envision a man armed with bot sword and mail and shield, undertaking a holy journey at first but has instead turned into a slaughter of children and woman fueled by zealous hatred for any who dare attempt to threaten the name of his god.
Nonetheless there are many views upon the crusades in this essay I will be naming many in the hopes of both the reader
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As lords or kings and ladies if judged before a priest or a cardinal can be judged and be put to the stake or to make it easier for people to understand. If they were not pious enough they can be judged and put onto the stake where they would be bound to it and the stake would be surrounded by flammable objects and it would be lit thus causing the purging of the man 's sins and giving him a chance when he was judged in the state of

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