Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty Essay

Krin Yongvongphaiboon
College Writing II
Professor Danielle Santos
Single Source Essay
Should death penalty exist? What do you think about death penalty? In the article “Ten Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty,” Mary Meehan argues that death penalty are “essentially conservative, and many others transcend ideology.” Therefore, are many reasons why the death penalty should not exist. Meehan notes that one of the biggest problems of the death penalty is executing innocent people. What’s going to happen when they discover a man has been executed for a crime he did not commit? Obviously you can’t resurrect the dead, and what’s going to happen with their family? It might be more difficult for them because of societal stigma. Why commit people who do similar crimes but get different consequences? Meehan
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She believes that there is a high chance of executing likelihood the innocent. Killing prisoners won’t bring their victims back to life. Her article gives the reader some solid information; however, she also leaves us the question about those victims. No matter how much she gives negative information about the death penalty, she didn’t mention anything about the consequences for family of victim. Contrary to Meehan’s view, the death penalty deters crime. While there is no way to bring victims back from the dead, the death penalty gives justice to the victim’s family. When potential criminals know they might be put to death for a crime, they will be more hesitant than if though punishment were less severs. The death penalty makes sense as a consequence for crimes, like murder, where the victims’ families must live with the horrors of being attacked. Allowing their attackers to go free after just a few years is hardly justice. Seeing the murderer walking around without given any justice, it is hard for them to accept

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