Cellulite Propaganda Case Study

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Cellulite Destroyer System By M. Fullerton - Real Review

Hi ladies

Today we will review the Cellulite Destroyer system by Mandy Fullerton. As always, we will start with some basic information about this program, explain how it works, and then discuss all about the pros and cons.

Firstly, let’s understand what “Cellulite Destroyer” is all about…

What Exactly Is The Cellulite Destroyer System?

Created by Mandy Fullerton, a mom of four children and a former cellulite sufferer, “Cellulite Destroyer” is a comprehensive system that shares a combination of low-intensity workouts and nutrition plan that would help women get rid of cellulite in just four to six weeks…

Mandy’s Tragic Story

According to Mandy, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and
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Mandy Fullerton was being truthful when she said that food and toxins (due to a “not so perfect” diet) can cause cellulite. Here’s ZZZan article http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/dieting/cellulite-food-exercises-and-diets-to-help-789635 ZZZ published by the Daily Mirror that talks about the role of diets, exercises, and food in avoiding or eliminating cellulite.

Simple explanation (from the article): The toxins from the food we eat reduce skin elasticity and slow down blood circulation, which in turn leads to cellulite formation.

Practical and Doable Tips

We don’t think you’ll have problems implementing this cellulite diminishing program, since all the tips and plans in the main guide are understandable and doable. You don’t have to put your other commitments on hold, do crazy exercise stunts, starve yourself, or purchase expensive gym equipment and supplements just to get the results you

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