Pros And Cons Of The American Penal System

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In fact, according to an article written by Liskula Cohen and Matt Rotza, there should be a focus on bettering the American Penal system. They state,

“...truly meaningful prison reform should focus on (a) creating racial, gender, and economic equity in the distribution of justice and (b) cranking up pressure on politicians so that they will stop finding reasons to incarcerate people. Certainly we can start with lessening offenses on minor drug charges, particularly those involving marijuana; finding alternative methods of rehabilitation for juvenile offenders convicted of committing petty crimes, particularly those that focus on community participation and remembering that “it takes a village to raise a child”; and making sure that our prisons
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Gender roles. Asking for alimony is considered emasculating in a world where men are considered successful as the breadwinners of the family. When men do, in fact, seek alimony, women breadwinners rarely pay without a battle. Still, the fact that this counts as gender discrimination is somewhat absurd. Sure American culture perpetuates the idea that if a man were to seek alimony, he were to be, in some way, shameful or undignified. However, as feminists often seek to banish gender roles, both for women AND men, it can’t be said that feminists are in any way trying to hinder an equal base for alimony. They can’t make men seek alimony. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to blame this inconsistency on a lack of acknowledgement from feminists.
Then, there’s the case of child custody during a divorce. In the American court system, it is estimated that women receive primary custody 68-88% of the time while fathers receive primary custody only 8-14% of the time with joint custody ranging 2-6% of the time ( With such discrepancy, it’s wondered how this isn’t a bigger issue to the feminist movement when it is presented as an organization dedicated to the enduring equality of the
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Still, to say that feminism is unnecessary in modern society would be impractical. Women’s issues are still very much a problem. Around the world, such practices as rape and victim-blaming, child brides, sex trafficking, genital mutilation and disfigurement, honor killings, forced prostitution, infanticide of female babies in countries like China and India, domestic violence and other crimes against women are still very much an issue. It’s important to acknowledge that feminism is a fight for equality and not to hold the whole movement accountable for actions of radical protesters. However, it is mainly focused on the troubles facing women and can be inconsiderate towards the issues facing inequalities towards men. Still, it’s important to realize that the inequalities of the world are vastly in favor of men, so it makes perfect sense that feminism would be more preoccupied with issues concerning women’s rights. Therefore, feminism couldn’t hurt to be more encompassing (and maybe even produce a name change), or should be more honest on the fact that they are focused mainly on women 's rights and treatment. Regardless, feminism is a crucial action within the world as well as its stand on women’s

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