Pros And Cons Of The ADN Nurse

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Register to read the introduction… BSN nurse training focus more on providing professional development by equipping students with better communication and problem solving skills. In a patient care setting, an ADN nurse would know the steps to helping the patient pull out of crisis, where as the BSN trained nurse may understand how to communicate to patients and families and take charge of what is happening. A specific time this may occur would probably be when new graduate nurses, one ADN and one BSN get on a floor at the same time. An example I can think of is one that I have a lot of experience with. I am a newborn transition nurse and work with babies that need extra help after delivery, such as oxygen, intravenous antibiotics and intravenous glucose stabilization. I have been providing this type of care for many years, but I could see as a new ADN graduate how explaining the process and reassuring family would be difficult. Families are besides themselves with worry, communication skills and teaching in terms that the lay person would understand is crucial. An ADN nurse could provide the care to the baby, follow protocols and explain why those protocols are in place, but it seems from reading all of the information on BSN graduates that the BSN nurse would be able to handle explaining the process to the

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